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ADDITIONAL FEES At DeliverMe TT  we aim to provide customer service excellence to our customers and our independent drivers. We emphasize to our drivers all vehicles must be well-maintained, clean, and sanitized daily. To ensure standards are maintained effective 1 July 2019 the following fee structure has been implemented.


To maintain proper health and safety standards, smoking is prohibited in vehicles.

WEIGHTED ITEMS instead of luggage

We charge an extra fee to handle heavy weighted items.


Users who soil or damage the interior or exterior of a vehicle may be required to compensate the driver and pay a clean-up fee.


To ensure a smooth experience for the user and driver, we ask the user to book a ride when they are absolutely ready and at pickup point. We allot a grace period of 3 minutes once the driver has arrived at location. If the grace period exceeds a waiting fee of $1.00 per minute is charged


Upon realizing objects are lost please either communicate immediately to our support centre or contact your assigned driver. If confirmed as found, the customer may make arrangements with the driver for collection or arrange for a delivery (at cost) to the customer


Before your third-party transportation driver arrives, you may cancel a ride or delivery

A cancellation fee of the base rate fare of the vehicle may be charged for the following situations and applied to your account.

A cancellation occurred by the user after 3 minutes of a driver commencing a booking request

A driver has to cancel a booking because user was not at pickup.

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