Spanish girl using DeliverMe TT Taxi App

DeliverMe TT Is Now Available in Espanol

In May 2019 The Government and Trinidad and Tobago offered Spanish nationals work permits. Many of whom have seeked gainful employment in many sectors on the island. With an influx of over 40,0000 spanish speaking residents who require daily commuting from doorstep to doorstep, DeliverMe TT with considerable thought and care has upgraded the app to include Espanol . In understanding the customers’ welfare, DeliverMe TT launched the Spanish version to make it more user friendly and easy to use. The platform was upgraded on the 1st of August 2020 to meet all users demands and allow a user to choose their language preference, understand their user profile settings, book rides and see fare estimate when hiring a taxi.

To Select Your Language Preference

● Login to the DeliverMe TT Taxi App
● Select the three bars at the top left corner
● Select the right arrow at the top right corner
● Select change language
● Select “Spanish” to use App in Spanish
● Select “English” to use App in English
● App will automatically restart and convert to the chosen language.
Our team is dedicated to continue providing an excellent convenient, safe, affordable 24*7 service which satisfies all our customers regardless of their nationality or race.
Download the App now or call our call centre at 683-RIDE (7433) for assistance


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