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Affordable, Fast Local Delivery Service In Trinidad.

Ready To Offer You Errand, Courier, Food, Package Same Day Delivery Service .

Errand, courier, delivery prices may vary for rural districts due to terrain and road conditions

Lightweight Items

Food Delivery

Pharmaceutical Items

Floral Arrangements

Drop of Collection of Laundry


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Delivery Service In Trinidad

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Need a quick pickup but simply don’t have the time or energy to get it done. DeliverMe TT says, “Consider it done!”

DeliverMe TT Errand Service is your personal buddy provider to complete just that.  Need a quick e pickup errand for food, pay a bill, drop off or pickup up laundry etc.  Give us a call at 683-RIDE (7433)

To understand your delivery need chat with DeliverMe TT chat support and provide your errand details and location.  We will immediately advise of our availability and the appropriate charges.

Pricing is based on the distance and time to complete task

Chat With Us Today

Download the DeliverMe TT app and chat with support via the app or Call 683-RIDE (7433) per your request

Nearest available driver will be allocated to complete your errand or delivery task.

Via the app your ride can be tracked from the time order is collected to your doorstep

Rate your delivery experience

Receive an instant receipt to your registered email address

Bulk Delivery Service Request

Commercial customers with bulk orders for errands or delivery to
chat with support to understand your needs.


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DeliverMe TT Delivery Service In Trinidad

+ - Is DeliverMe TT delivery, courier and errand services to any part of Trinidad and Tobago?

DeliverMe TT delivery service in Trinidad cannot complete errands or courier services to known high risk areas. Alternative safe zones can be arranged.

+ - I did not receive my package?

DeliverMe TT makes all attempts to communicate with customers of scheduled delivery. Undelivered items will be returned to the sender for re-arrangements

+ - Will DeliverMe TT offer a delivery for any items?

Laws which list items as prohibited cannot be delivered

+ - Can a package still be delivered exceeding weight limits?

Yes, at an additional cost , it can be calculated by our agents

+ - How soon in advance do I need to schedule a pickup for delivery?

We offer errand or courier the same day or next day. For a priority delivery can be arranged by contacting our office via chat or call to 683-RIDE

+ - How do I schedule my errand, courier or delivery request in advance

Yes you may schedule an errand or courier service via DeliverMe TT chat service or by contacting our office at 683-RIDE

+ - Will you offer a delivery service on public holidays or outside working hours?

Yes, depending on availability of drivers, arrangements can be made at an additional cost

+ - What are your payment choices

We offer COD (Cash on Delivery) or POD (Payment on Delivery)

+ - Will I get a receipt?

All users must download the DeliverMe TT app and register and verify their email
address to receive an electronic receipt.