Driver FAQ

+ - Can I work at anytime?

Yes, as a freelance driver you set your own hours of work

+ - How will I know how much I earn

Via the driver, in the earning menu keeps a tally of your rides and your earnings.

+ - How long must I wait to be approved

We process applications every 3- 5 days

+ - What happens if I get a low star rating.

If a rating is low on a ride or your overall rating is low, DeliverMe TT will discuss and monitor your rating score to help you improve.

+ - I cannot start the ride at the pickup point

Allow the rider to request again for you to accept .Their is a street pickup feature called Manaul ride in driver app to start the ride at pickup point.

+ - What should I do if I drove off without starting the ride?

All riders must pass through the app to ensure we accurately calculate customer’s fare. Immediately contact support to have rectified

+ - Must a rider tip me?

No, it is of the rider feel will to do so

+ - Must I go and pick up riders in high risk areas?

No, your life matters to us and we would not encourage you to venture into unfamiliar or uncomfortable zones. Immediately call support to assist you further

+ - I do not know where my riders pickup location is?

Via the driver app turn on waze navigation and navigation voice command to guide you directly to the customer.

+ - How will I know How Much I owe

Via the driver app select the Wallet option in your menu. If the value is in a minus, it is required to be settled . If the value is in a positive then your account is in a credit.

+ - How Do I Pay My Commissions

For your ease and comfort we encourage all drivers to have online banking to quickly
transfer their commission payment. Otherwise a driver can make a fast deposit payment to our
DeliverMe TT Ltd
Ac 2601742
Chequing Account

+ - Can I advise a rider to contact me privately for future jobs

No. All riders’ requests must pass through the user’s app. It is considered a conflict of interest to deter customers from using the app. . Such action will result in driver’s account being deactivated.

+ - What should I do if a rider directly request I pick them up

Ensure the customer understands for your and their safety and for accurate charges to be applied all rides must pass through the apps. If you are available and accept request ,start the ride at the pickup point . If unavailable immediately contact support to allocate a free driver. Avoiding the use of the app will result in driver’s account being deactivated

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