DeliverMe TT’s  Message To Drivers

In streamlining our services, DeliverMe TT is seeking full time or part-time Rideshare, Taxi, and Delivery drivers.  We are on the look out for hardworking, focus driven and customer service oriented people who excel in providing quality customer service standards to our passengers and commercial clients.

We seek you not because you have the opportunity to earn additional cash at your pace but also to provide a timely convenient hassle free service which would elevate the livelihood of our nation.

Benefit of Working With DeliverMe TT

Earn an extra Income

Instant earnings report.

Work your own flexible working hours.

Rewards and incentive programmes available.

Great Support Community

Safety Features in App.

Reviews From DeliverMe TT Fellow Drivers

Great way to make extra cash. I’ve worked with many local rideshare companies and I must say that DeliverMe’s support staff is the most committed to the safety and comfort of its driver partners and customers alike. Very professional and courteous. Also, the app runs smoothly on all my devices. This is what taxi services are supposed to be.

– Joshua Forde

I have been serving clients using this app and it has been a breeze. Clients can view me (the driver) and know who is coming is verified. For other clients who are not on the service, inputting their phone number and we are good to go. Fast and convenient. 👍

– Brent Alexis

One of the best rideshare services in the country. Great support service./p>

– Darryl Weekes

DeliverMe TT Driver Requirements:
A Step-By-Step Guide

– Must be over the age of 21.

– Professional in your conduct , speech and appearance.

– Have at least one year driving experience.

– Excellent and well maintained vehicle < 10 years old.

  • Photo Image: An attractively dresses , clean forward facing image of yourself
  • Photos of Vehicle: Current photos of interior and exterior of the vehicle
  • Valid Driver’s Permit: Clear image of your Driver’s Permit
  • Police Certificate of Good Character: A valid and approved background check document signed by National Security, proving that you do not have any violation or offenses
  • Insurance Certificate: Valid insurance certificate. If car is not owned by you to have an authorization letter and copy of ID from the registered owner
  • Inspection Sticker : Valid Inspection Sticker

DeliverMe TT Smartphone and Equipment Requirements

– Smartphone Minimum Version : Android 7.0 or IOS 11
– Preferably an unlimited data plan
– Car charger
– Headset
– Mask
– Hand Sanitize

Driver FAQ

+ - Can I work at anytime for DeliverMe TT

Yes, as a freelance Rideshare or Delivery driver you can work full-time , part-time or on weekends.

+ - How will I know how much I earn on The DeliverMe TT Driver App

Via the DeliverMe TT Driver app, in the earning’s menu keeps a tally of your rides and your earnings.

+ - How long must I wait to be approved

We process rideshare and delivery applications every 3- 5 days

+ - What happens if I get a low star rating.

If a rating is low on a ride or your overall rating is low, DeliverMe TT will discuss and monitor your rating score to help you improve.

+ - I cannot start the ride at the pickup point

Allow the rider to request again for you to accept .There is a feature called Manual Ride in driver’s app to start the ride at pickup point.

+ - What should I do if I drove off without starting the ride?

Call support immediately to have rectified . No driver is to suggest their own fares.

+ - Must a rider tip me?

No, it is of the rider feel will to do so

+ - Must I go and pick up a DeliverMe TT rider in high risk areas?

No, your life matters to us.  No Rideshare or Delivery driver is to venture into high risk zones. Immediately call support for assistance.

+ - I do not know where my riders pickup location is?

Via the driver rideshare app turn on waze navigation and navigation voice command to guide you directly to the customer.

+ - How will I know How Much I owe

Via the driver app select the Wallet option in your menu. If the value is in a minus, it is required to be settled . If the value is in a positive then your account is in a credit.

+ - How Do I Pay My Commissions

For ease and comfort we encourage all drivers to have online banking. to quickly or make a fast deposit payment to our bank.

+ - Can I advise a rider to contact me privately for future jobs

No. All riders’ requests must pass through the user’s app. It is considered a conflict of interest to deter customers from using the app. Such action will result in driver’s account being deactivated.

+ - What should I do if a rider directly request I pick them up

All Rideshare and Delivery rides must pass through the DeliverMe TT Driver app.  This ensure rides are accurately billed.  Avoiding the use of the DeliverMe TT app will result in driver’s account being deactivated

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