DeliverMe TT Taxi app is available for download from Google Play Store and IOS App Store. User can register by entering a valid mobile number, or signup via an active Facebook account. Always enter and verify with a valid email address.


Upon registering with your active email address, approve email by checking your inbox or spam folder. Once verified your receipts will be billed to you.


This is allowed by visiting your menu option and clicking on image. At My profile screen edit your email address. User can select resend email verification link to approve new email address.


By uploading an image allows a driver to quickly identify you. Visit My profile screen, click on image placement icon to upload a recent image.


This is allowed by editing number via My profile screen.


Let your special someone knows where you are at all times whilst a ride is in progress by registering an emergency contact. Visit My Profile screen and select add Emergency Contact.

+ - Language

Currently the user app is available in English and Spanish To select preference visit My profile screen and select Change Language.

+ - How to Log Out

Visit My Profile Screen to logout of app.


+ - Requesting An On Demand Ride

Upon opening the DeliverMe TT app a user will be welcome to the Rides Screen . The green dot is to enter your pickup address The red dot is to enter your drop address.

+ - Requesting A Pre-book Ride

A user can schedule a ride 2 hours in advance up to 90 days How At Rides screen, select clock at top right hand corner to enter “Schedule A Ride”
Green Dot – Enter your pickup address
Calendar icon – Enter your pickup date and time
Select your preferred car type
Red Dot – Enter your destination address
Schedule – Advises of fare estimate
Once a ride has been schedule, in menu option Schedule Rides user will be status of appointment

+ - Notes

The Notes option allow the user to enter additional details the driver needs to know to quickly arrive to location and identify customer Eg. Landmarks, house number, colour of building, a person identity eg. clothing.

+ - How Far Away Is My Driver

Based on an algorithm and Google maps route your ETA (Estimate Time Of Arrival) is shown once your pickup and drop details are entered. Depending on the driver’s route taken, drivers can arrive before time reflected in the user’s app.

+ - Offers

The Offer option shows any active promotional discount available. To benefit select option before confirming your ride request.

+ - Know Cost Of Ride

Based on a time , distance, car type selected a fare estimate cost is provided in the rider’s app .
Price can increase by unknown factors eg. peak time traffic
In Rides Screen

● Enter your pickup location
● Enter your drop location
● See range pricing for different car types registered


+ - Invoice

At the end of each ride a user receives an invoice. By viewing invoice gives full details of cost of ride, driver details, actual duration on ride from pickup to drop location.

+ - Will I Receive A Receipt Of My Ride

Yes, once a user’s registered email address has been verified , their receipt will be sent instantly to their email address.

+ - Historical Record Of My Rides

In menu option select Your trips to see a history of all rides taken or cancelled. By selecting an invoice will give full details of ride.


For queries office can be contacted up to 10pm at 683-(RIDE) 7433 Or Via menu option Email support Please provide full details for query to be investigated thoroughly

Reporting A Driver, chat directly with us using Menu Option – Chat Support


+ - Driver’s Details

Once your ride request is confirmed and driver answers the user will be advised of the following
The driver’s name
See photo image of drives
Vehicle details

+ - How To Contact Driver

The user app allows for two methods
● In app text messaging
● Calling a driver

+ - How Far Away Is My Driver

In real time the user and see via the user app the driver enroute and remainder of time to arrive for pickup.


+ - Payment Option

DeliverMe TT provides different payment methods
● Cash – defaulted
● Credit Card
● DeliverMe TT Cash
On the rides screen shows the user’s payment default

+ - To Register Card

At Ride screen select hamburger option top left Select Wallet menu option Select Add Card Enter Credit Card Details

All credit card details (Matercard or VIsa) is encrypted and unknown by DeliverMe TT or driver The Ecommece gateway is powered by First Atlantic Commerce Once registered this becomes your default option. To revert remove credit card details

+ - Prepay For Rides

An alternative option is to pay in advance for rides. Deposit can be made to
Name: DeliverMe TT Ltd
Account: 2601742
Type: Chequing Account
Value will be converted in DeliverMe TT cash which is credited to your Wallet and drawn down on rides requested


+ - How Do I Give A Review On My Experience?

DeliverMe TT welcomes and reads each of your valued honest review . One can rate the app in user app by visiting my profile screen and select Rate Us ……. A new window will open to star rate the app and give a review


Discriminating against anyone based on race, gender, sexual orientation or preference, religion, disability etc is strictly prohibited.


DeliverMe TT requests of drivers and riders to  avoid potentially confrontational topics during rides e.g. politics, race, religion. Likewise, disrespectful gestures, rude behaviors, name calling or threatening remarks, any of which may be deemed offensive, is not tolerated. Riders can report any such incidents to our call-centre and any rider or driver found to be in violation of these guidelines will be prohibited from using the services and reported to authorities.


+ - Emergency Features

Once a ride is requested security and safety features are enabled Select the SOS icon – top right
● Call Police – call police hotline
● Call Emergency Contact – Call your preferred emergency contact
● Share and Send Ride Status – Share a sms link for your alert contact to see a ride in progress
● Chat With Support – Send instant messages to our call centre

+ - Must I Rate Driver

We value your opinion to gauge and review if you had an enjoyable experience with the driver. At the end of a ride star rating is mandatory. One star rating is a bad experience whereas 5 star rating is an excellence experience.
Leaving a message is optional

+ - Do I Have To Tip Driver

No , it is not mandatory, however if you did enjoy the DeliverMe TT experience drivers can be tipped in cash or via registered credit card. Amount entered will be \reflected in your invoice Your tip value must be entered before the ride has ended.

+ - Can I Contact A Driver Directly?

By contacting our office at 683-RIDE or via chat support an agent will check immediately for the driver’s availability. If your preferred driver is unavailable , we can immediately select an alternative. Making private arrangements directly with driver is discouraged and can lead to a driver account being deactivated.

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