DeliverMe TT News on Riding Safe During Covid-19

DeliverMe TT News on Riding Safe During Covid-19

Covid-19 News And Safety Updates From The Desk Of DeliverMe TT CEO

Dear Valued Rider
We hope that this news and tips reaches you in the best of spirits and that both you and your family are in the perfect state of health. We also hope that you are keeping yourself abreast of the latest information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and following all the required precautions put forward by our Prime Minister, Ministry of Health, and National Security.

As you may know, there is community spread and a spike in the number of positive cases in T&T. It is cognizant of DeliverMe TT and as responsible citizens to adjust to the new way of life by cooperating with all authorities and DeliverMe TT drivers to minimize the spread of this detrimental virus. We also seek your compliance by continuing to read the undermentioned information.

Caring for Your Safety  – Wear Mask, Sanitize Hands Properly Before Taking A Ride

Caring for Your Safety  - Wear Mask, Sanitize Hands Properly Before Taking A Ride

Regarded as a preferred, safer, and convenient means of transportation, DeliverMe TT has created an Covid-19 SOPs policy as part of our commuting operations guidelines to safeguard the safety and prosperity of our drivers and riders. We also want to guarantee you that our drivers and delivery personnel have been brought up to speed regarding our SOPs, and they are determined to follow rules outlined. We encourage you to go through these for your awareness and comfort when riding with us.

Covid-19 Guidelines: In Using DeliverMe TT Taxi Service

Covid-19 Guidelines: In Using DeliverMe TT Taxi Service
  • Both the drivers as well as the passengers are to refrain from using DeliverMe TT services if and when they are unwell and should seek immediate medical attention.
  • Both the drivers and passengers must at all times wear a mask while a ride is in progress.
  • We also encourage the usage of hand sanitizers before and after a ride or delivery and washing hands as often as possible to avoid the spread of Covid-19.
  • In sunny conditions to keep windows open wherever possible to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Try to sit at the back on the side opposite to that of the driver so that social distancing is maintained.
  • Our drivers will follow the ruling regarding seating accommodations instructed by the government.
  • Riders are recommended to report any rides to our call center where the driver is not following any of the SOP’s mentioned above.

Whenever the need arises, we will be following our social responsibility in keeping all safe and assisting the Ministry of Health if we are contacted for any possible information regarding any COVID-19 case.

DeliverMe TT Change in Operational Hours

We ask for your understanding and patience by not always being able to provide a full compliment of drivers on the nation roads particularly during low peak periods.   Especially at night and early morning, or public holidays request for pickup during the pandemic phase one may experience low driver availability and longer waiting time. Our contact support will be available up to 10pm for booking allocation and queries and fare estimates.

As a reminder if late at night or early in the morning travel is required to kindly use our pre-booking feature in-app by 9pm to allocate your driver. Enter as much information as possible by following the guided steps.  As We encourage this we have waivered fees. There is not extra fee to prebook or cancel your ride during this phase.  If an emergency arises chat with our support through our DeliverMe TT Taxi App or call us at 683-RIDE (7433). We will assign a professional driver for you on first preference.



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